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Vol 25 (2014) 5–6 Year Old Children’s Empathy and Its Relation with Attention and Parenting Style Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Andra Movsesjan, Dominyka Puzaitė, Tomas Lazdauskas
Vol 26 (2015) 5–8-Year-Old Children’s Perceived Procedural Justice Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Vilmantė Lukauskaitė, Aušra Daugirdienė
Vol 27 (2016) An Aggressive Coping Strategy of Gymnasium Students in Social Conflict Situations: Emotional and Family Determinants Abstract   PDF
Danuta Borecka-Biernat
Vol 25 (2014) Associations Between Creativity and the Sequence of Birth of Art Profile Students Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Audra Balundė, Daiva Grakauskaitė - Karkockienė
Vol 24 (2013) Attitudes towards suicide and sense of coherence among religious and non-religious adults Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Aistė Kucavičiūtė, Margarita Pileckaitė-Markovienė, Paulius Skruibis
Vol 27 (2016) Būsimų mokytojų etninis tapatumas ir savigarba: etniniai skirtumai Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Aldona Vaičiulienė
Vol 23 (2012) Chronicle Abstract   PDF
Dalia Nasvytienė
Vol 27 (2016) Consistency between preconventional and conventional moral judgments and behaviour among 15–17-year-old adolescents living in foster care: Four case studies Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Goda Juškėnienė, Dalia Nasvytienė
Vol 23 (2012) Correlations of time perspective with health locus of control and satisfaction with life among adults Abstract
Austė Idaitė, Laura Murzinaitė, Ala Petrulytė
Vol 24 (2013) Development stages of Department of Psychology at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Lidija Kutkienė
Vol 26 (2015) Editorial Announcement Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Tomas Lazdauskas
Vol 26 (2015) Emotional and Behavioral Problems and Planning Abilities of 4-Year-Old Children Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Rima Breidokienė, Roma Jusienė, Dovilė Butkienė
Vol 27 (2016) Ethnic Identity and Self-Esteem Among Pre-Service Teachers: Differences Between Polish and Lithuanian Students Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Aldona Vaičiulienė
Vol 24 (2013) Evaluation of team cohesion: subjective and objective conesion Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Vita Mikuličiūtė
Vol 24 (2013) Experience and challenges of psychologists in the education system Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Ala Petrulytė
Vol 23 (2012) Factors influencing team performance: the model of interaction Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Vita Mikuličiūtė, Gintautas Valickas
Vol 26 (2015) In Memoriam of Margarita Pileckaitė-Markovienė (1966–2015) Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Tomas Lazdauskas
Vol 25 (2014) Interconnection Between Adolescents Identity Formation, Relationships with Parents, Differentiation of Self and Satisfaction with Life Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Tija Kriščiūnaitė-Ragelienė
Vol 23 (2012) Interconnection Between Differentiation of Self, Self-Esteem and Teacher' Mental Health Indicators: Sense of Coherence, Subjective Happiness and Satisfaction with Life Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Tija Kriščiūnaitė
Vol 26 (2015) Internal and External Difficulties of Primary School-Age Children With High and Above Average Intellectual Abilities Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Sigita Girdzijauskienė, Kristina Kardelytė
Vol 27 (2016) Lack of Learning Motivation or Inner Drama Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Žydrė Arlauskaitė
Vol 24 (2013) Large families’ analysis of their social, educational situation Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Daiva Alifanovienė, Albina Kepalaitė, Ona Striškienė
Vol 27 (2016) Lithuanian Psychology Textbooks for General Education Schools in the First Half of the 20th Century Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Junona Silvija Almonaitienė
Vol 23 (2012) Mother's beliefs about child's play: how do they correlate with the indicators of child development? Abstract
Gintarė Pupinytė, Dalia Nasvytienė
Vol 26 (2015) Perceived Satisfaction of Psychological Needs in School: How Does It Predict School Adjustment Among 13–18-Year-Old Students? Abstract   PDF (Lietuvių)
Saulė Raižienė, Ingrida Gabrialavičiūtė, Urtė Ruzgaitė, Renata Garckija
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