Vol 29 (2018)

Table of Contents


Psychometric Properties of Lithuanian Version of Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale PDF (Lietuvių)
Reda Gedutienė, Inga Lukšaitė-Samaitienė
Auditory Processing and Verbal Factors Predicting Reading Skills in First Graders: Longitudinal Study Findings PDF (Lietuvių)
Katažyna Labanienė, Gražina Gintilienė
Decision Making Style and Intercultural Sensitivity of Adolescents Who Are/Are Not Going on an International Exchange Program PDF (Lietuvių)
Aušra Lazauskienė, Vaiva Rimienė
The Importance of Gymnasium Students’ Peer Relationships to Characteristics of School Adjustment PDF (Lietuvių)
Karolina Marija Grigaitienė, Loreta Bukšnytė-Marmienė


Creation of a Safe (Self-)Educational Environment for LGBT+ School Students: Principles and Possibilities PDF (Lietuvių)
Alina Martinkutė-Vorobej
Educational Development in Lithuania: The Past, the Present and Perspectives for the Future PDF (Lietuvių)
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