Activities of the Educational Psychology Committee of the Lithuanian Psychological Association: Best Practice

Ala Petrulytė


The school psychologist nowadays faces big challenges: his official workload depends on the school budget, the school voucher and the will of the school principal; inappropriate community attitudes towards a psychologist are still prevalent; it is difficult for a psychologist to identify priorities at school since several different activities and programs / projects are implemented at the same time, etc. Thus the number of a school psychologist’s roles is increasing.

Educational Psychology Committee is a structural part of the Lithuanian Psychological Association. This committee focuses on the needs and topical issues of the activities of educational psychologists and, taking this into account, organizes annual scientific-practical conferences, discussions, seminars, and publishes the feedback on the events. The Committee cooperates with educational psychologists of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations, the Board of the Lithuanian Psychological Association and its other committees as well as with the Lithuanian Psychology Students’ Association. In recent years, members of the Committee have focused on organizing annual conferences and helping with the congresses of Lithuanian psychologists. This informational review discusses the events, summarizes the feedback from the participants and highlights other topical issues of the Educational Psychology Committee of the Lithuanian Psychological Association.

Keywords: educational psychologists, Lithuanian Psychological Association, Educational Psychology Committee, topical issues of educational psychology.


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