An Aggressive Coping Strategy of Gymnasium Students in Social Conflict Situations: Emotional and Family Determinants

Danuta Borecka-Biernat


The aim of the study was to evaluate the contribution of emotions and parents’ coping strategies in conflicts to generating the youth’s aggressive coping strategy in social conflict situations. The research involved 893 adolescents (468 girls and 425 boys) aged 13–15. Analysis of the collected research material enabled us to conclude that aggression is a form of coping with anger and anxiety felt in social conflict situations. It was found out that the mother and the father who employ a strategy based on aggression contribute to the modelling of a strategy involving aggressive behaviour applied in social conflict situations by the youth.

Keywords: junior high school adolescent, emotional reactions, modelling behaviour, aggressive coping strategy, social conflict situations.

How to cite: Borecka-Biernat, D. (2016). An aggressive coping strategy og gymnasium students in social conflict situations: Emotional and family determinants. Ugdymo psichologija, 27, 35–53.

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