In Memoriam of Margarita Pileckaitė-Markovienė (1966–2015)

Tomas Lazdauskas


We are very sad to announce that we lost our colleague Dr. Margarita Pileckaitė-Markovienė, a member of the editorial board of the journal “Educational Psychology” and Associate Professor of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, who passed away on 23 April 2015. This article presents the most important biographical facts from Margarita’s life, and her colleagues and university groupmates share their memories of the deceased. 

The editorial office of the scientific journal “Educational Psychology” extends sincere condolences to the close relatives and colleagues of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Margarita Pileckaitė-Markovienė.

The editorial office of the journal gives special thanks to Ala Petrulytė and Ekaterina Dneprovskaya for the photographs, to Svetlana Lafi for a long correspondence and numerous authentic and valuable biographical facts, to Larisa Matveeva for the organizational help when collecting the memories of the university groupmates, and to everyone who shared their memories of the deceased. 


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