Associations Between Creativity and the Sequence of Birth of Art Profile Students

Audra Balundė, Daiva Grakauskaitė - Karkockienė


For decades continuous globalization process, can be one of the reasons for the popularity of creativity field research. Much attention, in this area, is paid to creative personality, which, in this research paper, is defined as: propensity to risk, curious, tolerating challenging situations and imaginative (Туник, 2003). Hence, scholars has interested in wide variety of aspects of creative personality, though question of sequence of birth is still remain obscure. It can be said, that there is no single answer to birth order and the link between creative personality traits. Different studies has shown, that it depends on certain variables (sex, age difference between siblings, brothers and (or) the number of sisters in the family). While birth sequence and creative personality linkages depends on certain factors, it should be noted, that various authors as most creative are nominating the first-borns and last-borns.

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to analyze the linkage of a creative personality of students of art profile and the sequence of birth. To research whether the assessment of a creative personality is related to the gender. Also if the assessment of a creative personality differs among students of a university and a college. 1st–4th year students of two art profile higher schools participated in the research, whose age was 18–32 years. The creative personality was evaluated in accordance with the “Questionnaire on assessment of characteristics of a creative personality” (Туник, 2003). In this research, the sequence of birth was not a significant factor for the assessment of the traits of a creative personality of students. The assessment of creativity did not differ among males and females. The assessment of imagination was higher of students of the university than that of the college’s students. The rest distribution of the assessment of traits of a creative personality does not significantly differ on the basis of the educational institution.

Keywords: students of art profile, creativity, birth sequence.

How to cite: Balundė, A., & Grakauskaitė-Karkockienė, D. (2014). Meninio profilio studentų kūrybiškumo ir gimimo eilės sąsajos [Associations between creativity and the sequence of birth of art profile students]. Ugdymo psichologija, 25, 62–73.

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