Interconnection Between Adolescents Identity Formation, Relationships with Parents, Differentiation of Self and Satisfaction with Life

Tija Kriščiūnaitė-Ragelienė


The pursuit of personality to defined self and answer the question “Who am I?” is a natural human need. During the course of the biopsychosocial changes in adolescence it becomes very significant. In researches there is often emphasized that a stable, strong sense of identity is associated with better adolescent’s mental health indicators. Relationships with parents are also linked with better adolescent’s emotional and psychological well-being. Although, in the scientific literature there are only few studies which investigate the relationships between adolescent identity formation and the relationships with the parents in the family. The results of this study are often contradictory, so the links between adolescent’s identity formation and relationships with parents are not completely clear. The purpose of this study was to investigate adolescents’ identity formation links with relationships with parents, differentiation of self and satisfaction with life.

In total there were 118 participants involved in this study (63 boys, 55 girls). All participants learned in public schools. The mean of participants’ age was 15.42 years, standard deviation – 0.871. Participants were asked to fill questionnaire consisting of sociodemographic questions, Goth, Foelsch et al. (2012) Assessment of Identity Development in Adolescence Questionnaire AIDA (Cronbach α = 0.929), Conflict Behavior Questionnaire Short Form by A. Robin, L. Foster (1989) (Cronbach α = 0.909), The Satisfaction with Life Scale by Ed Diener (1985) (Cronbach α = 0.698) and Differentiation of Self Inventory (DSI) by Skowron, Friedlander (1998) (Cronbach α = 0.747). The results of this study had shown that adolescents identity diffusion interface positively with conflict behaviour with their parents, and negatively with adolescent’s differentiation of self and satisfaction with life. There were also founded that differentiation of self and satisfaction of life mediate relationship between adolescents’ conflict behaviour with parents and identity diffusion.

Keywords: adolescence, identity, identity diffusion, differentiation of self, relationships with parents, satisfaction with life.

How to cite: Kriščiūnaitė-Ragelienė, T. (2014). Paauglių identiteto formavimosi, santykių su tėvais, savidiferenciacijos ir pasitenkinimo gyvenimu sąsajos [Interconnection between adolescents identity formation, relationships with parents, differentiation of self and satisfaction with life]. Ugdymo psichologija, 25, 32–49.

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