Development stages of Department of Psychology at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Lidija Kutkienė


The article reviews 1945–1983 years history of the Department of Psychology. This paper describes the stages of development in the Department of Psychology, including the childhood and youth (using the concepts of developmental psychology) of Department. The first stage of the development of the Department is the establishment of Department. The second stage – the addition of new faculty staff – fist graduates. The third stage of the development – first graduates of the department defends their psychology doctoral thesis. The fourth stage is establishment of doctoral studies at the Department of Psychology. Creative impulse of the Department was given by First Heads of Department of Psychology (A. Gučas, L. Vekeris, S. Kregždė, A. Penkauskas), who had tremendous scientific potential and original scientific ideas. Best psychology graduates who managed to combine research and teaching high school teachers‘ activities filled Department of Psychology during the first stage of development. Faculty members published research articles, wrote books and methodical training materials. Friendly atmosphere dominated and it influenced productivity of the Department. Later Department strengthened the material base, collected the psychological literature, teaching materials and research equipment.

Keywords: history of the Department of Psychology (1945–1983), Lithuanian University of Educational sciences. 

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